New Whole Foods Market in North Vancouver Nails It!

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We like to think that we’re not easily won over, but let’s face it… Whole Foods Market North Vancouver just opened and they had us at “Hello”. We love all the North Vancouver elements that have been incorporated into the store. North Vancouver’s history as a shipyard town is reflected in the design of the light hats at the check stands, the bridges at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park were the inspiration for the architectural elements over Customer Service, the mountains, forests and sky are reflected in the store colours, and steel beams and copper throughout the store speak to North Vancouver’s  history of being a shipyard – did you know it was originally called Moodville?!

Here are our 5 favourite things about the new store:

The store is fresh and inviting!

You know you’re in for a treat when you feel the warm welcome at the front door. This isn’t just grocery shopping, this is an experience. All aspects of the new Whole Foods Market store hold to their traditionally high standards. The floral department offers Whole Trade flowers, which are grown according to strict criteria for ethical trade & earth-friendly farming, and are the highest in quality. Plus,they work directly with local growers.

Whole Foods Market

Coolest nut butter bar!

Whole Foods Market North Vancouver has a grind-your-own nut butter station, featuring almond and peanut butter. Such a great healthy option and the kids will love to help!

From nuts and seeds to grains and flours, you’ll find close to 200 items in the bulk department. We love being able to buy bulk – it makes it so much easier to try new recipes when you can get just what you need & know that the quality is there!

Whole Foods Market

Local meat & seafood treated right.

While we are trying to go meatless more often, it’s great to know that we can buy local Western Canadian beef from Northern British Columbia & Alberta.  And that the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating System  puts the power in our hands to support  better lives for farm animals.

Don’t see something you like? Just ask and they can help find the perfect meal solution.

P.S. They grind all of their sausages in-house! Think apple cranberry or habanero green chili. YUM!

The wild-caught seafood is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council or rated either a green or yellow by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  F.Y.I. the fishmongers will fillet whole fish, skin and debone, peel and devein shrimp, and shuck oysters at no extra charge!

Whole Foods Market

Great place to meet friends!

Inside the store you’ll find  the Iron Keel serving up snacks, shares, and made in house sandwiches. They have 12 taps, featuring BC beers, cider, and kombucha! So get your shopping done while you eat and catch up with friends…multi-tasking win!

Whole Foods Market

Super cool treats!

Have you ever tried mochi? It’s kind of the dumpling of the ice cream world and it’s amazing! Enjoy this self serve vegan ice cream filled treat in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Salted Caramel. Priced individually, and made from all vegan ingredients.

Whole Foods Market

Have you been to the new Wholefoods Market in North Vancouver yet? Let us know what you loved!

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Comments 110

  1. I love the mountains decorating elements. Especially the large green north vancouver sign at the top of the stairs. Love this new store it’s beautiful.

  2. I like that the produce is near the elevator to the parking garage since I mainly shop there for the produce.

  3. Love the ambiance. I like it that they incorporated the north shore feel to it. We love the mochi and will try the nut bar on next visit.

  4. Oh man!! Id love the Mochi! A friend and I went to dinner one time at a japanese food restaraunt and he ws raving about the Mochi … Only to find out they didnt carry it anymore.

  5. I’m so excited about the nut butter bar! that’s really cool! Looking forward to visiting the store and giving it a try!

  6. First I want to take in the architecture as it sounds amazing. I can’t even imagine, I need to see it in person!
    Whole Foods Robson has been my favourite store for years.

  7. I can’t wait to try the nut butter bar, vegan mochi, see the archetechture, try items from the deli… So much!

  8. We are most excited about the location, just ten min down the road!!! Also the take and bake pizzas have saved me on more then one occasion.

  9. Love the whole prepared foods area – quick healthy dinner in a pinch! …and beer & wine in the cafe!

  10. I am very excited about the grind-your-own nut butter station!! Such a great idea to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable! Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  11. I’m excited for the breakfast station. Best bacon EVER and as a mom of 3 living in Deep Cove I could never make it out to the West Vancouver location in time! So I’m coming for you bacon!!!!!

  12. I went for a sneak peek opening for family and friends the whole store is amazing but what I was most excited to see was the local seafood

  13. Looking forward to checking out the newest whole foods and all the local links to Nirth Van!
    I always love floral departments…looking forward to this new one!

  14. I’ve never heard of a ‘nut butter bar’ – I have a feeling we would want to check that out first, and make some fresh almond butter!

  15. The store is huge and open spaced. Love their variety of food choices. Just one thing, the parking space isn’t very efficient…

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