Watermelon Pizza

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Summer is the time for fun & treats but they don’t always have to be unhealthy! This Watermelon Pizza really hits the spot on a warm evening. The fruit is in it’s prime and the the whole family can get in on the fun creating their perfect combinations. Watermelon also has special antioxidants in it’s red pigment that help the skin in the hot summer sun.

watermelon pizza

How To Make Watermelon Pizza:

It really is the easiest dessert to create.

  • Watermelon (seedless is best)
    sliced fruit of your choosing
  • Your favourite berries
  • Organic Greek or Balkan style vanilla yogurt (thicker than regular yogurt)
  • lime zest
  • Start by chilling your watermelon in the fridge until it is nice and cold.
  • Slice the watermelon in to 1 -1 1/2 inches thick full circles right through the middle. You can get many slices out of a watermelon. Use a larger melon for big sharing “pizzas” or the mini watermelon for personal size.
  • Arrange the slice on acutting board and spread a thick layer of yogurt to the edge of the watermelon slice to create the “sauce”.
  • Decorate with any fruit you like.
  • Sprinkle with lemon zest for a finishing touch
  • Slice into wedges and serve right away.

Our Favourite Toppings

Anything goes! Whatever fruit you love can top your watermelon pizza creation. Try thinking outside the box, go local, and involve the kids to expand what fruits the will eat.  Some of our favourites include locally picked strawberries, blackberries & blueberries. We also love sliced banana, dragon fruit, star fruit, kiwi, pineapple or mango. The sky’s the limit!

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