Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Activities for Kids

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Remembrance Day is an important holiday that shouldn’t be overlooked in the frenzy between Halloween and New Year’s.

With young kids, the idea of honouring those who have been lost at war can be a difficult subject.  And as school aged kids work through Remembrance Day projects, assemblies and discussions, they may come home with deeper questions and fears. We love the approach of taking this time to focus on kindness and gratitude. These are simple concepts that children can apply to their day. All ages benefit from discussions on “how we want to treat others” and “how we want to be treated”.  We like to chat about these feeling over poppy crafts and address any question that children bring up. 

Remembrance Day Activities For Young Kids

Colour & Learn

Do you have a little one who loves to colour and draw? These wonderful and simple Remembrance Day colouring pages help young children focus on kindness and gratitude.   

Get Crafty

Young kids are so keen to express themselves through arts and crafts, and this can be a great way to guide conversations about feelings. We have linked to lots of great Remembrance Day Crafts on Pinterest. 

Read Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion by Jane Barclay

This is a touching story that young children really relate to. A grandfather answers his grandson’s questions about his days in the war as he lays a wreath for a fallen friend. He uses analogies to animals to explain his feelings from that time, (he had felt as ‘proud as a peacock’ in his own uniform decades before, and as ‘brave as a lion’), filling the little boy’s imagination with images. You can pick this up at your local library or order online

Read A Poppy is to Remember 
by Heather Patterson

This is a story that gives an introductory and age-appropriate explanation of Remembrance Day for young kids and explains the wearing of poppies. Its simple text and beautiful pictures give it great appeal to all ages. There are notes added to the end, ideal for older children. You can pick this up at your local library or order online

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