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MomChoir & Sweet Scarlet Concert: It Takes A Village – February 29th in Richmond

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It Takes A Village is an evening of story-telling, laughing, crying and a double-whammy of empowered song by MomChoir & Sweet Scarlet.
This a show exclusively put on by mothers.

MomChoir is a North Shore choir made up of over 60 local moms who not only share the joys of motherhood but also the love of music and singing. MomChoir was created by a mom for other moms to connect, sing, perform and build a sense of community. Too often, parents give up their own personal passions when they have children. It is easy to put everyone else first when you are in the throes of diaper changes, school pick-ups and sport drop-offs. Where is the time you once had for yourself? You have to make the time. MomChoir is a dedicated kid-free zone for moms to meet other like-minded women who also share a passion for choir and singing.

Sweet Scarlet is a self-directed vocal ensemble made up of a group of six mothers who share a love of music and performing. Combining intricate harmonies with a capella vocals, Sweet Scarlet brings its own twist to music from around the globe. Based in Vancouver, and brought together by a desire to share interesting, fun and exciting music with others, these women bring a new dimension to the music scene that is both captivating and compelling.

These passionate women share their thoughts
about the journey of motherhood:

"Motherhood is a journey. For many of us, it begins with the first little plus sign on a pregnancy test - our indicator that we are plus-1 (or 2, for some), and after that, the journey never really ends. There is no set destination, no hard and fast rule that lets a mom know she's arrived. Often, along the journey, we hit snags, snares and successes. We lose parts of our identity, only to pick up new fundamental pieces of ourselves. There's an old adage that says It Takes A Village to raise a child - but if we've learned anything on our journeys, it's that It Takes A Village to be a mother. From our beloved friends and family, to the clubs (and choirs) we are a part of, to life-saving organizations, each of us needs our own village. And on Feb. 29th - we want to celebrate that with you: our village".

MomChoir and Sweet Scarlet Concert:
It Takes a Village on February 29th

Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Gateway Theatre, 6500 Gilbert Road in Richmond, BC
Tickets: $30 each. Buy ONLINE or call 604-276-4300 to purchase via telephone.

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