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KinderMeals: New Plant-Based Hot Lunch Program for BC Kids!

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With slower summer living coming to an end and the hustle & bustle of back to school on the horizon, we’re looking forward to getting back to some daily routines.

But making school lunches is NOT one of them!

One of our team members had the opportunity to get a jump on school lunches this month with Kindermeals and here is what she had to say:

“Our kids are fairly picky eaters, and with them rejecting all forms of sandwiches these days, we’re often stumped trying to fill up their lunch boxes with healthy(ish) options that don’t end up coming home uneaten at the end of the day.

With two home-based businesses on the go, family living is pretty busy & chaotic on the best of days, so we really appreciate that the PAC at our kids’ North Vancouver school has coordinated hot lunch programs for Mondays and Fridays. We take advantage of it as much as possible, and would love to see it expanded to being offered five days a week.

The current hot lunch menu at our school is pretty varied (e.g. subs, pizza, butter chicken, sushi, mac ‘n cheese), but we could certainly do with a few healthier options. So I was pretty excited to be introduced to Kindermeals recently – a healthy and socially responsible plant-based meal delivery program for children founded in Vancouver.

hot lunch

As a (mostly) vegetarian eater myself, our kids are pretty used to having at least a couple of vegetarian dinners each week at home, so I’d love to see Kindermeals added to our school’s hot lunch menu offerings. We enjoyed sampling a number of their dishes for dinner last week – the pasta al pomodoro and chopped salad were the kids’ favourites!” (Angela S., North Vancouver).

Kindermeals dishes come in various sizes to accomodate all sorts of appetites (suitable for Kindergarten students right up to grade 12): X-Small, Small, Medium & Large, ranging from $5.99 to $8.99 total for a main & side dish. And these meals can be formally included in a school’s hot lunch program, or individual families can order healthy meals online to be delivered to school specifically for their own kids any day of the week.

And did we mention that Kindermeals also works with lots of daycares and preschools in BC to help our littlest citizens develop healthy eating habits early on?!!

Kindermeals services are currently available for the following Metro Vancouver communities: Vancouver, North & West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster and Richmond.

There are SO many reasons for parents and schools to love the Kindermeals‘ plant-based meal program that benefit kids’ health and the world around them:

  • Nutrition – 62% of the Canadian diet is comprised of processed and ready-to-eat foods – Kindermeals offers a diet rich in whole foods that are high in fibre, proteins and healthy fats, and low in sugar and processed ingredients.
  • Weight ManagementKindermeals helps to prevent obesity and the chance of being overweight while maintaining physical fitness.
  • Disease PreventionKindermeals reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Nutritious Food For All – 1 in 5 kids in BC live in poverty and go to school hungry – Kindermeals provides access to healthy meals for children from low-income households
  • Environmental Sustainability – one Kindermeals goal is to be litterless – they pick up containers from schools on the next delivery day, after which they meticulously clean and reuse them, nor do they provide straws or plastic cutlery.

To learn more about Kindermeals, watch their video below, or connect with them online at or on Facebook.

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Comments 51

  1. My kids would love the watermelon salad most. As for main dishes, the two bite tater tots and the mini burgers would be their favorites.

  2. I can’t actually believe there is a fully plant based meal service, and for kids less!! My son and I are plant based and I only cook PB for the rest of the family as well. School lunch options are generally pizza (with cheese), mac&cheese, etc. Vegetarian options almost always include dairy. It’s so dissapointing. This is so refreshing. I think my son would love all the food but it’d be especially curious for him to try the falafel bowl and protein burger, as well as the salads.

  3. My daughter would love the Turkish wrap and Epic Power Muffins! I would like them too!! How about lunch delivery for adults 😊

  4. My 7 year old son would definitely enjoy the pasta Al pomodoro and maybe the tater tots! My 5 year old might like the mini burger and tater tots. There’s many others that looks interesting to me too 😊

  5. WOW…what a good idea. I have ten grandkids and would love these options for them The burgers and the chili I am sure would be a winner.

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