Healthy School Lunch Ideas: What Nutrition Do They Need?

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We love what our friends at have done to help make sense of the need for healthy eating for back to school. This is a great time to refocus on clean eating after a relaxed summer and maybe a few too many treats.

According to, “the secret to success in providing healthy school lunches for your kids is to arm yourself with some helpful tips and tricks to keep things balanced, diverse, and fun. Incorporate leftovers with fresh cut veggies, legumes, and herbs. Make homemade jams and juices. Always check the labels on store-bought products to see how high in the list sugars appear and whether there are endless unpronounceable ingredients you’ll want to avoid. Get creative – who doesn’t love playing with their food? And don’t be afraid of a little indulgence – treats in moderation are a good thing, especially when they reward and reinforce healthy eating behavior.”

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