{Giveaway Alert!} Grass Fed Goodness with Nudge, Rolling Meadow Dairy & Life Choices Natural Foods!

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We’re thrilled to have three exhibitors involved in the Whole Foods Market Zone at Healthy Family Expo 2016 that will introduce Lower Mainland families to grass fed goodness: Nudge, Rolling Meadow Dairy and Life Choices Natural Foods.

And you better believe that our team was excited to give them all a try in our own kitchens!



Our three year old is mac & cheese obsessed, and we’ve been on the hunt for a quick & healthy option for busy nights when the laundry is piled high and our parenting to-do list never ends.

We recently had her taste-test Nudge‘s new organic orange cheddar elbow pasta, and it passed with flying colours!

She gobbled it down in no time, and we feel good about its non-GMO, organic ingredients such as organic grass fed cheddar cheese. It’s classic mac & cheese – made better!

We’re also excited to try other products in Nudge‘s new line, including:

  • organic orange cheddar whole wheat pasta with flax;
  • organi shell pasta with white cheddar cheese; and
  • gluten-free rice shell pasta with white cheddar cheese



Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most. The clean taste of Rolling Meadow Dairy yogurt is one of them.

Our family is trying to eliminate processed foods and artificial ingredients in our eating this year. We are baking our own bread, cooking homemade meals, eating out only occasionally. We feel better already.

Substituting Rolling Meadow Dairy products in place of others has added to our feeling of well-being. Their products come from healthy cows that eat grasses year round which produces great tasting, nutritious milk. They believe strongly in allowing their cows to graze on pasture as long as our Canadian weather will allow and ensure their quality of life is something to be proud of. Gotta love that!

Our current favourite from Rolling Meadow Dairy is their Vanilla yogurt.

It brightens up our morning in our fruit & yogurt parfait, and we recently used it in a recipe for simple & delicious strawberry frozen yogurt – video clip on the right!



Every family has THAT night – the one where you’re running in all directions and can barely keep up with the schedule. Between taekwondo, ninja training, swim squad, kickboxing, running, and triathlon training…we are hitting our family fitness goals, but sometime around 4:30 we suddenly realize that we need to fit dinner in there somewhere. YIKES!

What can you make that your kids will eat, can be prepped really quickly and hits on our health goals of organic, whole grain, grass-fed goodness?

At Healthy Family Expo 2015, we fell in love with Responsibly Raised Meats from Life Choices Natural Foods. They only use simple ingredients & premium cuts of meat, and we respect that they understand that grass fed, pasture raised & free range are not just buzz words, but key to treating the animals and the land with dignity and respect.
Thanks to brands like Life Choices Natural Foods,  we’re able to pull a quick option from the freezer on one of those crazy nights without worrying that we are undoing all of our hard work toward healthier living.

Now for the fun part! One lucky family is going to win a $150 prize pack of grass fed goodness from Nudge, Rolling Meadow Dairy and Life Choices Natural Foods.

Enter through Rafflecopter below. Contest ends Thursday, March 3rd at 11:59 pm and is open to residents of Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky Corridor. Good luck!


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Comments 29

  1. I’m stoked that life choices is part of this giveaway. I’ve been looking for a good supplier of quality meats for my family.

  2. All of the brands look awesome! Thank you so much for introducing me to new things! I’m excited to try Nudge as my 5yr old loves mac & cheese!

  3. They all sound great and I’ve never tried any of them before – I’m particularly interested in the Life Choices Natural Foods.

  4. We love life choices chicken nuggets! I would really like to to try the rolling meadows products! Mac n cheese gets a lot of play at our house, would love to try some new options!

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