Free Kids Boredom Busters

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Looking for free boredom busters for your kids? We’ve got you covered!

We know what it’s like to hear a chorus of little voices saying, “I’m bored!” It doesn’t have to be this way! There are a lot of activities kids can do that need little supervision, don’t cost much money and are actually good for them.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

boredom busters
Vision Boards

Set the kids loose on old newspapers, catalogues and flyers to create themed collages. Grab some glue sticks and blunt school scissors and send them on their way with their imaginations!

Why it’s awesome for kidsVision boards and collages allow kids to examine what they like and dislike. When you’re done whatever you need to get done, let them present it to you and tell you all about why they picked what they did. It’s like show and tell! It’s a fun craft that can also help re-purpose paper waste.

boredom busters
Scavenger Hunt

Whether indoors or outdoors, make a list of things for the kids to find around the house or the yard. It’s like a make your own adventure!

Why it’s awesome for kidsScavenger hunts are great things to problem solve creatively that get them up off the couch and out of your hair. Kids are on a mission and they can be working cooperatively to reach a goal. It teaches teamwork and encourages innovation depending on how vague or specific your clues.

boredom busters
Downward Facing Kid!

Yoga is a great quiet activity that kids can enjoy thanks to the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on YouTube. Set up the channel on a tablet and grab a mat or a blanket to get them started.

Why it’s awesome for kids: Yoga is great for practicing mindfulness, moving their bodies, and helps with emotional regulation. Increased flexibility, non-competitive physical activity and developing gross motor skills are also great perks.

boredom busters
Build a Fort with Blankets!

Do your remember doing this as a kid? Pull out the pillows, blankets and chairs and put the kids to work building themselves a fun temporary shelter to play in.

Why it’s awesome for kids: It’s so much fun. It’s a great way to get kids problem solving, being creative, working together and moving around. They get to work with their hands and create something, not just watch something.

boredom busters
Arts and Crafts!

Download the Knowledge Kids Go App  and get the kids enjoying arts and crafts how-to videos, making things and memories.

Why it’s awesome for kids: Arts and crafts are great for developing fine motor skills, problem solving, self-expression and making something with their hands. This is a great way to simulate art class or camp experience on a budget!

boredom busters
Blowing Bubbles

Hello STEM all year long! Grab some bubbles (or dish soap in a pinch) and water, put it in a bowl or a tub. And add some bubble wands. Let the games begin!

Why it’s awesome for kids: Kids get to experiment with wands, blowing harder or softer and waving wands differently with varying results. It’s science, but it’s also simple fun!

boredom busters
Tag or Hide And Seek

Get back to basics with these classic games from your childhood. Relive old memories and help your kids make some new ones.

Why it’s awesome for kids: Tag is great for gross motor skills, it’s great cardiovascular fitness-wise and it fills them with healthy endorphins for the rest of the day. It’s a mood-booster and a fun-booster. Hide and seek is great for problem solving and lets them be sneaky in a safe way.

boredom busters
I Spy!

All you need for this one is a window (or a yard, or a room with stuff in it) and an imagination. Let your kids take time noticing things and giving each other clues.

Why it’s awesome for kids: I Spy challenges kids to think creatively, to improve their observation skills and practice expressing themselves. They get to play with how they describe things and it encourages problem solving.

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