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Destination Cultus: 2 Parks in One Day!

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Metro Vancouver is spoiled for choice for summer activities. There are so many great things to see and do outside that it is almost impossible to fit everything in. Roller coasters and watersides are top of our kids’ lists, so we’re thrilled to have Destination Cultus only an hour drive from Vancouver!  What we love about both the Cultus Lake Water Park and the Cultus Lake Adventure Park is that they hold true to their promise to offer a safe, clean place for family fun. That is hard to find nowadays and as parents we really appreciate it!

The Waterpark offers something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to tiny tots. And we love that the Adventure Park has an open gate policy so you can come in for free, pay for a few rides or buy wristbands to stay for hours. This also means that parents can smile and wave for free taking endless shots of their kids going around on the frog hopper! And did you know that mini golf is now INCLUDED with the all access wristband?!!

So how do you choose whether to go to the Waterpark or the Adventure Park? That’s the best part…you don’t have to choose. We’ve visited with our families and have the low down on visiting both parks even if you’ve got only one day!



If you only have one day, here’s how to do both parks like a pro:

First, pick your day. You’ll find that weekdays are quieter at both parks, and that there are deals to be had.

Next, measure your kids’ heights so that you can manage their expectations of what they will be able to ride alone or with you. See the break down of Adventure Park rides by heights HERE.

Start at the Waterpark at 9:30 am sharp. You will want to have sunscreen already applied 30 minutes before so your kids are ready to hit the ground running.

Make sure to keep your ticket so you can use the Adventure Park coupon later in the day!

Line-ups for popular rides are much shorter at opening, so you can go straight to the good stuff! Then as the park get busier, you have already ticked the top choices off the list.

Bring a picnic or grab some food at the concessions so that you can keep energy levels up. Healthy choices and lots of water will keep sugar spikes to a minimum. You are already dealing with sun and excitement, we don’t need to add sugar crashes to the mix!

Since you arrived early and hit all the favourites first, you may be ready to head over to the Adventure Park right after lunch – good thing it’s right across the street, so you won’t need to move your car!


Use your coupon on the back of your Waterpark ticket for a $15 all-access wristband at the Adventure Park!

Before you let the kids (and kids at heart) loose on the Adventure Park rides, set up a safety meeting spot. The Park is beautifully themed which makes it easy to pick a recognisable spot for kids to go to if they lose you. There are always lots of attendants around as well, so point them out to your kids as their go-to adults.  We chose the Donkey since our kids are older now.

Next discuss your exit plan…this is where the hand stamps come in.  We always remind the kids that we are doing as many rides as they want, then we are having an ice cream treat right before we go home. When you return to your car parked in the Waterpark lot, you may get pleas for one more slide. This is when you can be the hero and go back into the Waterpark using the hand stamp for re-entry, for one more slide before the drive home. Parents for the WIN!

If you need a recommendation for an easy dinner after an amazing day, ae absolutely love the pizza at Beethoven’s Pizza kitty-corner to both the Adventure Park and the Waterpark.

And if you can, stay overnight in Cultus at a local hotel or one of the many campgrounds. Add some beach time into the mix – Cultus lake is beautiful and has many family-friendly beach areas.

For more information about Destination Cultus, visit them online at

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Comments 86

  1. Navigating with 6 kids. Do your homework. Check out websites and see what everyone wants to do. Map it out. Have an agenda and delegate.

    1. Find out what everyones favorite ride is amd plan from there… If there are rides some dont want to do one parent takes the other to a meeting place like the spray park or grab a snack. Divide and conquer

  2. Top tip for navigating attractions with your family is signing up Healthy Family Expo monthly e-newsletter.

  3. I have never been to cultus lake but my advice on navigating through cultus and any location like this would be to look up the information first and look at the rides, maps and all useful information. I would either get a map or bring one with me of the location so I’m not getting lost and confused as to where I am. I would be sure to look around and eyeball the place to view where everything is and inform my kids of where the emergency exit is in case of emergency. Communicating with others is important as well. You could also use a phone to have information right in front of you when you need it.
    That’s all I got! Thanks so much for this chance to comment and be apart of this.

  4. Def get there early for good spot, know the rules and regulations before entering! Lots sunscreen and stay hydrated! Make sure everyone sticks together or groups and time too meet back at spot for check in and food time!

  5. Go the ones that will have the biggest line up early in the day before it gets busier and pick the kids fav ones to go on first!! LOVE Cultus Lake Water Park and Cultus Lake Adventure Park!! These are our fav things to do in the SUMMER!! YAY for your AWESOME contest!!

  6. Been once to the Water park years ago and been wanting to get back since as well check out the Rides on the other side of the road! Best Water park I’v ever been to!

  7. Top tip is know your kids and what they enjoy, one love adventure and is tall enough for most rides, the other wants to only be in the pool or pirate zone.

  8. My tip to a successful day, is know where your picnic base is, be familiar with the park and where to go if you need assistance.

  9. Get there early! Have a meeting place at each park in case one gets lost. Don’t forget to sunscreen and repeat (especially at the water park) and bring waterproof bandaids.

  10. Best advice is if you have little’s
    Rent or bring one of the umbrellas set it up close to the kids spray park or kids pool , washrooms are right beside both areas so it makes it super convenient . You can bring your own food which is great but they also have some great options
    There sandwich shop is yummy! And the soft serve ice cream is always a hit . If you have older kids make sure they know where your all set up and enjoy the day ! This is one of my favourite family summer activities !! We always leave with great memories

  11. Bring your own shade and chairs so you don’t end upaying or be there as the doors open so you can get a covered picnic table. Often cloudy days are best because the line ups are shorter and it typically gets warmer later in the day.

  12. I’d try and go on a weekday because the wait times for both parks are shorter. Make sure to catch your favorite rides first and if ya need a break from rides, go mini golfing! 🎉❤Awesome contest!!

  13. Planning out your day! Making sure your kids are the height or weight requirements for the rides they want.
    Using Google maps to direct yourself there! All my go toss

  14. Go on website and see where are the rides that the kids can go on and plan in sections of the park for certain time period.

  15. Come early set up a central spot with good visibility of the whole park, pack lots of food and drinks and make sure you have a really good time

  16. Check out the website first to make a plan, and always have a buddy system set up to keep everyone safe and happy 😊 can’t wait to go with my family this year

  17. I’ve never been to cultus lake waterslides & cannot wait to check them out, the Rattler looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the opportunity 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  18. Our family loves both parks! Take into consideration days to go and times. With us we now have a grandson who still naps so timing is important. Visit the website first and go from there. We like to do the park first and then head across to the slides. That way the adults can relax a little more knowing it’s our last stop and get all the snacks/lunch/bags unpacked. ☺️

  19. My top tip for navigating family attractions is a very simple approach. It’s all about slowing down, stopping to smell the roses, having patience on top of patience & doing everything at my child’s pace without rushing him.

  20. Top tip is to be prepared!! Anything can happen when you’re out with kids, and the more kids you have, the more combinations of wacky happenstances that could occur lol

  21. My top tip is always come prepared with snacks, drinks and sunscreen! My family loves going to Cultus Lake!

  22. Best tip. Plan everything in advance, pack lots of snacks or bring lots of cash. Wear sunscreen & a hat…enjoy!

  23. Best advice? Bring water and hats, changes of clothes and find out which attractions all the kids want to do most. That way you fit it all in!

  24. Have a plan but also have some flexibility. Have snacks … and then even more snacks. Keep your expectations low and don’t over plan.

  25. Be there before gates open to be first in line so kids can run from ride to ride, have a backpack of water nd snacks. Last of all, HAVE A BLAST

  26. Here’s my tip, be prepared for any weather! You’d be surprised what could be in store. Have a blanket for the ground and one for the laps, in case.

  27. Always have a meeting spot! Have a buddy with you at all times. Tell someone where you will be heading next.

  28. My top tip for navigating family attractions is to READ REVIEWS from other people who have gone to the destination you are going to! I have found great advice, recommendations and reminders that are so helpful and make me feel better prepared!

  29. Cultus Waterpark has so much open space where you can find your own personal spot. If you get there early enough you can even score a covered picnic area. I bring a sun tent and set up a spot on the grass. This becomes home base. When I tire of the slides, I head back to enjoy a good book while the kids play at the spray park. I bring a cooler on wheels (to help load everything back and forth from the car) filled with snacks, lunch and plenty of water.
    We hold onto our passes for another day of fun (at a great discount) at the Adventure park.

    I love the tip about stamps!

    Cultus Lake parks are the ultimate in summer fun.

  30. Always check online for change in hours of operation before leaving, take plenty of snacks and be well rested!

  31. Super excited for cultus lake water park & the cultus lake adventure park this summer. Can’t wait to bring my kids & my grandson, such a beautiful place in chilliwack, BC.
    Great food & snacks all around the cultus area.

    Thank you

    This is a great attraction in chilliwack/Cultus area.

  32. I like to walk around the grounds with my family and see which things get the most excitement for and which have the least and then make time for the ones that they had shown interest in 🙂

  33. Load up on snacks and drinks(water because pop is usually cheap) get pictures of the kids in the event everyone accidentally gets separated.

  34. Top tip: Use waterproof tattoos on your kids with your number on it so if you’re separated, your kids can ask for help to call you!

  35. I have 3 young 5-8. I make sure I have a park map, lots of drinks and snacks and a general idea of timeframe for the day. Eg, how long on rides, waterslides, when/where for lunch.
    It’s nice to have 2 adults so you can split up and go on different rides with kids. As a single mom I bring a friend to help 🙂

  36. Definitely have a chat before you leave and set ground rules – also make sure you pick a spot in the pearl to meet in case someone gets lost!

  37. Tips for navigating attractions: be prepared know what is available at the attractions and what type of food so that you can pack snacks. Don’t forget to eat and drink lots of water cause it’s easy to forget when you’re having fun.

  38. Bring a cooler full of snacks and water but make sure your water bottles are sealed otherwise they will get poured out at the gate to the water park! Apply sunscreen before you head out so the kids are ready to play. Get there early so you can get a shady spot to sit! Don’t bring valuables in. Bring a lock for their lockers!

  39. Get there early, and aim for a weekday! Parking for the amusement park is close by so easy to leave your snacks in the car, and take breaks at the beach! Such a fun day!

  40. Top navigation tips: For the waterpark make sure all kids know where you are stationed. Have them check in with you every 2-3 rides and set snack and lunch times with them.
    For the adventure park- measure your kids so you know who can go on what ride. Also go on a week day for more fun. Weekends are crazy 😆

  41. Try to arrive early to avoid lines. Also there’s a evening savings to get cheaper for the water park. We’ve always made sure we go in and get what everyone wishing to do. Make sure we cover at least one ride or slide in the first round. We always go over the rules and make sure there’s a meeting place just in case. Have fun and remember to drink lots of 💦

  42. First check out the rides and attractions available and what restrictions (if any) on the website Bring water in a sealed bottles and snacks Also what food is available to buy Speak to your children about staying close so they don’t get lost and what to do if they do get lost Don’t forget the sunscreen !! Yes have a fun filled day to build memories that will last a life time

  43. As you said in your post, set up a meeting point. When we go somewhere like the adventure park, water slides, science world etc that is the first thing we do when we get there. Pick a place that is easy to remember and visible from a lot of places and we tell the kids if they get separated from us to go there and wait. We also write our phone number on those of our kids that don’t have it memorized so they can ask someone to call us.
    My other tip is remember to keep everybody drinking plenty of water. Just because you’re sliding in water doesn’t mean you don’t need drinks!

  44. My navigation tip is to get there early and weekdays are best as the weekend traffic is crazy!! Also, include the kids in decision making plans. And of course always have snacks!!

  45. My top tip for navigating attractions with my family, keep my phone ringer on LOUD and the buddy system!

  46. My top tip is dress your kids in the same clothes as much as possible. Matching hats, all yellow shirts, etc. then take a picture. Write your number on them or get a disposable wristband with your number printed on.

  47. I always get the kids to help with navigation it helps them Learn and we spend quality time together ♥️

  48. once you arrive get a park map and set a safety spot just in case of emergency keep waterproof wrist band with my name and cell number on it just in case and bring lots of goodies and go have fun .

  49. Divide and conquer! Sometimes with kids that are different ages, it’s best to split up so each stays happy and gets to do what they want. And bring lots of snacks 😝

  50. Get there early to get a great spot with sunshade , close to washrooms and in an area where you plan to play most so kiddos can find you. Have fun!!

  51. Come prepared! We bring our wagon to carry all out belongings (cooler, towels, blanket etc.). Park in a shady spot and arrive early – it gets busy fast! Don’t forget your license plate number to pay for parking in the front lot.
    Keep the clothing easy to put on/change into for heading over to the adventure Park and an extra set of shoes!

  52. My tip would be to do your research and have a plan but always keep in mind that plans don’t always work out so be adaptable and have patience and just enjoy who you are there with

  53. Absolutely get there at opening to stake your claim for a spot! Bring lots of snacks, water, and sunscreen. It’s absolutely worth it to rent the chairs and umbrellas if you have to.

    Most of all be ready for fun!!

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