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Car Share Options in Metro Vancouver

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Are you looking for ways to go green on the go?

A great way to do this is to use one of the many car-sharing options available to families in the Metro Vancouver area. It’s an ecofriendly and cost effective way to get around town and lets you model how sharing is caring – for the environment.

Here are your choices that work for families:


Evo cars are Toyota Prius hybrids that seat five, are equipped with racks for your bikes, skis or snowboards and lots of cargo space and safety features. It’s easy to use too! Use your app to find a car, inspect it, hit the road and then return it to a designated spot in the Home Zone (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver and New Westminster.) You are billed by the minute, hour, or day and by the kilometre for trips over 200 kilometres. You need to pay a one-time registration fee of $35 (free for BCAA members) and there’s a $2 annual fee. Gas, insurance and parking are included. Easy peasy and you’re on your way in eco- friendly style!


Car2Go will get you on the go – fast! Use the app to find an available car, go where you need to go, leave it in the home area and go on your way. You don’t even need to refuel. The Home areas are Vancouver and North Vancouver, but there is satellite parking at UBC, the airport and BCIT. There are no monthly fees or membership costs, and the insurance, parking and gas are included. You can rent by the minute, hour or day and there are 3 different car models to choose from. Choose between a zippy smart car or the classy Mercedes-Benz GLA or CLA. Buckle up and drive!


Modo has two plans to help get you moving. The Modo Plus plan has you pay a share deposit of $500 but guarantees you the lowest available rates. The monthly plan has an $8 monthly fee and a $10 registration fee. Gas, cleaning, parking and insurance are all included. There is a wide range of vehicles available: premium, snowbound, daily drives, heavy lifters, oversized to fit more passengers and fast and fun rides for your next adventure. The vehicles are equipped with roof racks, snow tires, USB, Bluetooth, and vehicles are available in allergen free or pet friendly formats. Most cars are 2013 model year or newer. If you’re scrapping an old car and using a car share instead, you can use a Scrap It credit for driving credits. You need to reserve your Modo vehicle and return it before the end of your booking (but you can book for up to 30 days!) Say hello, Modo!


Zipcars can be driven by the hour or the day, with gas and insurance included. Membership starts at $7 a month  (with a discounted annual option.) Reservations are round trip – put it back where you found it, just like you tell your kids! Use your zipcard to unlock a car you’ve reserved online and get on the road. Up to 180 miles per day are included and you can choose between sedans, hybrids, vans and more! Book a Zipcar and zip away!

Having a second (or even one) vehicle isn’t always an option, and you might not need one all the time. Car-sharing is a great way to get around places transit isn’t accessible or practical without having to bear the cost of full time car ownership. Just book yourself a car-share and you’re good to go – wherever!

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