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Marie Kondo‘s new Netflix show called “Tidying Up” is being described as a cultural phenomenon, and we can understand why. Her message is simple yet profound – “tidy your space, transform your life.” This can start with a step-by-step decluttering of the rooms in our homes (something we’ve been trying and loving lately!), keeping only those items that add joy to our lives. But after the decluttering phase, keeping a busy house full of kids both tidy and CLEAN on a regular basis becomes our next ongoing challenge.

We’ve been big AspenClean fans for years. Their all-natural cleaning products really get the job done without harsh chemicals (safe for kids & pets!), and their in-home cleaning teams are the most professional ones we’ve encountered in Metro Vancouver. Last week AspenClean treated us to a deep clean of the parts of our home that are the most often neglected – inside the fridge and oven, sticky fingerprints off window panes and dust off all of our blinds! As always, their team showed up right on time with great big smiles, and laden with all of their cleaning essentials.

Having AspenClean visit for weekly maintenance or for deeper cleans once in a while takes such a load off our plates and gives us time to enjoy more family downtime at home. They currently services homes in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Lions Bay. And we usually buy their cleaning products online through the AspenClean website or at our local Whole Foods Market or Choices Market store. Connect with AspenClean on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. and if you book a cleaning online you’ll get a free AspenClean product!

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Comments 69

  1. Having a clean house for Valentines Day would definitely put “the biggest smile ever on my face” as I always struggle with this chore! And my sinuses are super sensitive so having this done with natural AspenClean products would be SO Wonderful!

  2. I think the most messy part of my house is probably my bedroom only because my bus just throws all his stuff on the floor 😁

  3. My floors and the bathroom are always in the most need of a deep clean in our house… never mind the folding and putting away of the laundry!

  4. Bathroom shower doors and window. Always the things left for this momma. Having a clean house for vday with natural products is a dream come true!

  5. I would say it’s our kitchen that needs to be deep cleaned, with all the stickiness from the kid’s hands on the cupboards, door handles, nooks and crannies etc. I do a wipe down every day, but the kids still live here so… 😉 Then there’s the blinds, oven etc. too – so much to clean, I’d love some help!

  6. Oh boy!!! My house needs the deepest of deep clean!! 🧼 🧽 I watch other kids in my house on top of my own two little crazies!! And specially after a nasty winter so far 😷 🤒 🤕 my house needs it!! You guys sound amazing and love the sound of the products you and your team use!!!😍

  7. I would love a deep clean for Valentines Day! I think my kitchen cupboards and drawers could use a clean, and the windows! Inside and outside windows! Thank you.

  8. My kitchen definitely needs a deep cleaning. The fridge, the cupboards, the sink all need some elbow grease to get really clean.

  9. Our bathrooms are definitely in need of a deep cleaning as no one likes doing it and they get neglected..I wish I could find joy in cleaning bathrooms!

  10. My living area is a bit of a war zone with three kids and a big man baby! The bedrooms wouldn’t mind getting deep cleeaned either!

  11. Clean house would be the best Valentine’s day gift ever ❤😊 the most used part of my home would be the kitchen definitely! And the one space that needs the most deep cleaning.

  12. My whole house could use a really good deep cleaning living with chronic pain you can do so much.. especially with little ones that are tornadoes I feel its never ending with house work!

  13. I have a husband, 2 boys and a dog so my whole house needs a deep clean! I use all natural products and love that you do too😊 a clean house for Valentines Day would mean a relaxing home date night ❤️

  14. My cupboards and and window sills! I keep my house tidy but there’s only such much time when you’re a mum. A clean house would be the bomb!

  15. Oh my gosh… how to choose? My kitchen could use a deep clean for sure. Cabinet doors and handles, backsplash, range hood, etc. sounds exhausting! 😩

  16. Hello beautiful! Isn’t being a grown-up interesting? As a kid I used to get excited about mud pies and playing rough on the play ground. Now, as an adult, having a super clean house is just the bees knees! Like a dream come true! LOL! I’m picking two rooms (but really, my home needs this!!) – my kitchen and bathroom. So in need of a deep clean! I’d cry. I really would!

  17. My 2 bathrooms could use a deep clean! With 2 toddler boys, I use bath time to give a quick clean but it’s constant trying to keep clean!

  18. The spots in our house needing the most cleaning are the hard to reach places like under the fridge and stove and our bathrooms could always use more love 😉

  19. Clean house for Valentine’s Day sounds like a dream
    My kitchen is usually mess and need some nice cleaning , and my windows

  20. My whole place needs a deep clean honestly 😂 especially bathrooms and living room (which is literally covered with toys).

  21. I’m a one mom army against 3 little monsters ages 4, 2, and 1.
    Currently they are winning, please send reinforcements 😂

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