Janette Shearer is a Lifestyle/Parent blogger at Ava to Zoe, a play on her two young daughters’ names, as she blogs everything in their lives A to Z. Janette also makes custom leather goods for Shop Ava to Zoe. As a 2x sponsored runner in the Vancouver Sun Run, Janette shares her passion for healthy living, fitness & food through her blog. Furthermore, Janette is also the photographer behind the PLN Instagram account and Captured in Squares


Fueled by caffeine and Wi-Fi, Michael Kwan is the thinker who thinks he might be thinking too much over at Beyond the Rhetoric. There, he discusses life as a progressive work-at-home dad, challenging traditional gender roles for both himself and his daughter. Topics range from restaurant reviews to parenting dilemmas to philosophical musings. And it’s not a dad bod; he prefers the term “father figure.”


British Columbia Mom

British Columbia Mom team Tara & Helisa met by happenstance over a love of coupons and saving money. With 3 kids in tow, they explore everything British Columbia has to offer from local events, family travel, money saving tips and much more. Surviving solely on coffee, cuddles and post-it notes (and a bit of sassy humour) they can often be found enjoying all that beautiful British Columbia has to offer.  

Creative Sides

We all have creative sides, some are just a little more hidden than others. The moms behind Creative Sides want to help you express your creative side, whether with food or fashion, with your kids or on your own. Beginner or expert, they have something to inspire, excite and educate your journey to unleashing your creative side!

Discovering Parenthood

Discovering Parenthood was started by Tamara as a way of documenting what life is like with becoming a parent. She and her husband love capturing photos to save the memories of their family and for sharing in blog posts. They have two little girls that keep them on their toes. You’ll find everything from day to day life, travel, and so much more on this blog. 

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Play

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Play is a slightly sarcastic, sometimes sentimental parenting & lifestyle blog that chronicles one mother’s chase of good food, good finds, good fun, good family…..and two small children. That translates into topics such as child development, education, cooking, cake decorating, party planning & parenting. Post styles span the spectrum from humorous to heartfelt, insightful to instructional and have been featured in numerous online and print forums.


Adored by her daughters as a world class french fry blower and sandwich crust cutter, she knows she has far more to offer the world than that. Like how to mix prints without revealing the laundry’s been ignored, or how to make a batch of Paleo-friendly cookies with avocados, how to pack for a family vacation in one suitcase, but most importantly creating a community for woman looking for a midnight (virtual) social life. 

Loving Littles

Loving Littles Blog is dedicated to the modern mom. Keisha is a proud wife and mother to Owen & Ella. She spends her days taking in their smallness, loving every minute. Keisha first began this journey as an outlet to connect with other mamas near or far, women to women. To build bonds and relationships, letting you know that on this crazy rollercoaster of parenting your not alone! 

Mama In The City

Mama in the City is a lifestyle blog written by Andrea Firmani, where she shares about raising her family of five in downtown Vancouver, apartment style. Andrea is a passionate labour and delivery RN and often writes about relevant topics for today’s women and families. You might catch Andrea and her three kids walking around the city or re-fuelling at the coffee shop. 

Our Happy Place

Kat Petrunia is the blogger behind Our Happy Place,  a lifestyle blog featuring DIY inspo, recipes (including gluten/ dairy free ideas), fashion & health, plus reviews/ giveaways and real life topics. The goal behind OHP is for it to be fun and a place you come to unwind, but also somewhere that is real and honest. She has been blogging since 2013 and has enjoyed working as a Healthy Family Expo Ambassador for the past few years.


Heydy Lopez is a Vancouver based lifestyle blogger and mom to her three boys. Founder & writer of “Raising Jay & Abel”, a blog dedicated to sharing real-life struggles and triumphs of her journey as a teen & young mom. 

Sparkly Shoes & Sweat Drops

Once upon a time a funny mom from suburbia with a laptop wrote a blog to help other people laugh, cry and feel less alone. This is that blog. 

The Cheerio Diaries

The Cheerio Diaries is a Fraser Valley family and lifestyle blog. Andria Milliard is the creative voice behind the site. As a mom of two littles Andria spends her days consuming copious amounts of cold coffee while acting as a make shift Hot Wheels track and being a guest at a preschooler hair salon. The Cheerio Diaries has had the opportunity to partner with several amazing companies such as BCAA, UPPABaby & The Home Depot.


Named one of Vancouver’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers in 2017, Liz currently juggles parenthood, blogging, and her day job at a marketing agency. A widow & single mama of two kids since 2012, Liz believes in transparency & authenticity at all times, especially the hard times. She is passionate about self-care and loves adventures and travel. 

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